Famous Casino Myths

There are many superstitions, conspiracy-theories and urban myths which are linked to the world of brick and mortar casinos. These simple ideas cropped from little things happening at casinos. For instance, people believe that if they continued playing a specific slot, they would have been the one winning the big jackpot! Let’s have a look at the most common casino myths, and find out how plausible they are.

Oxygen is added to perk you up!

This myth is plainly incorrect! It is illegal to pump extra oxygen in casino, just to prevent people from getting tired and stay at the games for more hours. There are few ways which casinos employ to make players play longer, but oxygen pumping is definitely not one of them. For instance, casinos use some legal tricks to encourage people to stay longer. These include ensuring that the casino does not have any windows, thus players do not know how dark it’s getting. Also, there are no clocks in casinos; gamblers therefore lose track of time easily. It is also common to see people provided with free drinks at casinos; these keep them happy while they play.

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Hot and Cold Tables

Many gamblers are under the impression that some tables are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for them. For instance, a poker table may be hot and never allowing players to win big enough, but once it gets cold, it will rain winnings. Of course, this is just myth as the truth is that each hand of cards is an independent event. Streaks may occur but over time, each table will revert back to an average of losses and wins. The myth of a cold table is simply a psychological trick that players use to believe more in their luck.

Slot Machines are tricked

Indeed, there are a lot of myths around slot machines, and the most common one is that the house tricks the pay-outs to their advantage. For instance, many casino-goers believe that slot machines are made to pay more often when a casino first opens, to bring in more customers. However, this is not true as all slot machines have a specific pay-out and is controlled by a Random Number Generator RNG). So, each spin is an autonomous event which occurs following a random sequence of generated numbers. Many people blame themselves for not playing a slot game long enough, when the next person hits the jackpot. But the truth is, it might be that you wouldn’t have won even if you played for longer hours, as the generated pattern could have been different. Casino games do work purely on luck after all!


New Study Shows That Online Gaming Can Improve Thinking Skills

While the gaming business has regularly weathered feedback that their recreations are in charge of everything from the ascent of corpulence in America to an expansion in savagery and wrongdoing there are new studies to recommend that web diversions may be more advantageous than beforehand suspected.

A late study distributed in the December 2009 release of the diary Perception demonstrates not just can diversion play enhance different intuition abilities yet that it can likewise support psychological rate for the individuals who play activity recreations and can likewise enhance intellectual exactness for players who tackle riddle and methodology amusements.

Rolf Nelson, a brain research teacher at Wheaton College directed the study which included 20 distinct understudies started by taking care of a spatial connection issue, the understudies were then given either a riddle based or activity amusement to play for 60 minutes. Thereafter there were then allowed to finish the main assignment once more. The players were a ton speedier in the wake of finishing activity diversions yet the individuals who played the riddle amusements were more exact.

While the possibility that gaming has positive medical advantages may see questionable examination by Daphne Bavelier, a specialist from the University of Rochester has likewise demonstrated this. In a study that she co-composed it was demonstrated that computer game players display better deftness, uplifted visual handling, and additionally enhanced visual spatial memory.

Obviously there are different recreations that may likewise brag a percentage of the same results as the video riddle diversions including prominent amusements like Sudoku and Boggle and additionally card recreations like poker and blackjack. Exercises that may have comparable impacts to the activity recreations are most games which enhance reaction times as well as advance quality and wellness.

In this way, while computer games may hone your psyche it’s presumably most shrewd to guarantee that you likewise get some highly required physical movement too.